Four Rivers

Four Rivers is the city where most of the story takes place. The city coined its name from the four rivers that flow around the city, originating from the lake near the south-west bamboo forest. Despite being the country’s capital, the city is not a very famous place and, except for the four rivers, the city is only known for its vibrant and very frequent festivals.

The Agne: Agne is one of the calmest rivers in the city, and its water is said to be so pure that it can be used as drinking water. And despite the strange calmness of the river, it is the deepest river among the four and it houses a wide assortment of flora and fauna in its deep trenches.

The Vailea: Vailea is one of the most violent rivers among the four. Its water is cloudy and said to be impure; due to this most fishes cannot survive in its water. This river has also been of great interest to the townspeople because the river water, originating from the lake, is crystal clear.

The Glasnant: Glasnant is one of the most important rivers among the four since it is the most useful to the townspeople. The residential part of the city is built around this river. Because of the calm nature of this river, many people use it for swimming and other recreational activities. Also, despite being the largest river, its course is the shortest, after which it mysteriously disappears.

The Tourmaline: Tourmaline is one of the most attractive rivers of the world, gaining a special place in people’s eyes. It has shallow, gentle waters, and fish so beautiful that people consider it a sin to eat them.

  1. Ah, this is interesting. 🙂 The Four Rivers name is kinda… I dunno, it made me think like, “Well obviously” =)) Hahaha, I’m so excited to play this.

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