Concept Art

I’ll update this section frequently, when I finish new random art. 


Female characters in wedding dresses~

She’s blind, and her heart is locked.. She needs something…..

Alternate main menu

Old Header

Lyric, tried new style

Just Out of Boredom 😀

Rin’s logo : D!

  1. Omg eye candy *O* Your new art style rocks *-*

  2. So, when’s the manga you’re making coming out? I’m only kidding but sweet moa of st. pigeonations, that is right glorious. I am in utter awe. ❤

    • Actually, we r not creating a manga ;_; We are working to create a visual novel, which is kinda the mixture between game and novel.
      But anyhow I’m glad you like my work! : D

  3. The one you titled “Just out of boredom”
    It kinda reminded me of Natsu and Lucy x3

  4. I love her eyes and hair color! Your drawings are so pretty! 🙂

  5. I love your art style ❤ And ooohh pleeease can't you draw all the boys together? :3

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