The Phantom Thief

What is he up to?

  1. Awww *O* I wish he was part of the obtainable characters section >.<

  2. Ciornei Andreea

    He is very Leon-like!!! Love him alredy!!

  3. He’s… gorgeous… Can he be obtainable? T_T

    • I’m sowie I’m not allowed to say anything about this e_e Since it’ll reveal some part of the story >^<
      But I can say that there's a path that focused on him : D

      • Oh hoh hoh, maybe he IS one of the obtainable characters…! Suddenly this makes sense…. I think. If my theory is right. xD

  4. OMG ,I thought the same thing the moment I read his name …and when I saw him ,I ..!! I’m really looking forward to meeting him in the game ! (I really wish he was an obtainable character (like ‘romanceable’) but what you’ve said kind of satisfied me 😀 )
    Ganbatte kudasai ne ! You’re doing great ! (^_^)/

  5. Weird feeling that him and Leon are the same person O.O

  6. AWWWW GAAAAHD ❤ Maybe Leon and the Phantom Thief is brothers? 😀 Anyway I love him already =w=

  7. Weird feeling that he’s Setsuna O.o

    • Pffffffttt! I was thinking (or should I say feeling) the same thing! XD
      Then again, when I went back to check Leon, I started to see why they were mentioning that they looked alike (considering each feature is practically….)

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