Priscilla Ferrell, president's daughter, brat

The only daughter of the president. Like the leader of the country, she exhibits impeccable bravery, frankness, superiority and sovereignty. Priscilla has the strength to take command of any situation and her presence in a room commands respect and attention. But again, she’s quite egotistical and it’s quite easy to flatter and take advantage of her. Priscilla is headstrong and her parents constant fawning has spoiled her.She will say one thing and then another that is totally different.
She is possessive by nature for everything she likes, especially Sifal. She believes that what she feels for her husband-to-be is love. He’s like a bright shiny toy for her and she hates Lyric from the first day she saw her.

Likes: Sifal, compliment, cute things
Dislikes: Non-cute things
Rival of: Sifal

“Why don’t you just leave already?”
“Sifal? He’s mine, sorry. Wait, I take that back. I’m not very sorry at all.”

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