Simple, always happy and optimistic.

His older brother – Heath – ‘s polar opposite. Zephyr dyed his hair to blue and even changed his name. Funny and outgoing, he is like a clown who likes to make everyone around him laugh, although he often talks and acts before he thinks. He loves dancing with a passion and would have been more loved then his brother, if not for his rebellious and notorious attitude.

He is a member of a street dancing group, and also likes bike racing. The only thing he love more than dancing and riding his bike, is his brother, who he cherish beyond anything.

Likes: Exciting and challenging things
Dislikes: Staying still, studying
Rival: Deborah

“That was cool, right, Lyric? You should have seen me earlier.”
“Man, I’m hungry..” *stomach rumbles* “Whoa, Lyric! Your stomach is so loud!”
“Try and make me.”
  1. Ayieee, I love Zephyr. He’s super cute! 🙂

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