Responsible and romantic at heart

Sifal is an Arabic king who has many fans, is considered to be a lady-killer and very popular. Despite his age, Sifal is a great ruler. On the other hand, when it comes to ladies, he is hardly ever shy. He’s quite romantic, is the one always smiling at women and opening doors, exchanging gestures, and having small talk.
As a wealthy king, he has everything he wants, and does everything he wants which makes him kind of selfish and overprotective. Also, he dearly loves jewels, especially pearls and enjoys eating them which is totally weird. He often related things to jewels while talking.

Likes: Jewels, Ladies
Dislikes: Not sure…
Rival: Priscilla, Local ladies

“Womanizer? I take that as a compliment, little Pearl.”

“Do you know Kral, the only thing I like better than these pearls is Lyric; she looks as if many a great pearls were used to mould her body.”


“Ah, madam, you look positively radiant today. May I take your coat?”


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