Cool, serious and distant

Leon is a wealthy noble, who seems to live a life similar to Lyric. But unlike Lyric, he had accepted it and molded himself perfectly.

He lacks common social ideas for some reasons, and is always take things way too serious. He doesn’t seems like a chatty type, but extremely private and likes to keep to himself, until and unless it is necessary for him to mingle with others. By those who don’t know him very well, he could probably be seen as a hard-ass – severe. The only thing he likes to do, except sitting alone and drinking, is playing violin.

Likes: Who cares?
Dislikes: What for?

“Why are you here?”
“Are you done? Please show yourself out of the door and don’t forget to close it.”
“There’s no need to panic. Any person with his wits about him or her could keep calm. I can see that’s not the same for you.”
  1. KYA Leon-sama!!! He is my favourite character!!!

  2. MR. HANDSOME ❤ Haha, you already got a new fangirl *squeaks* 😀

  3. He is tall, dark and handsome AND he has one red eye. I’m sorry, but that spells nr 1 to me ❤ He seems like a hard guy to get too. I always go for those type of guys in games first *embarrassed chuckle*

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