Quiet, Unexpressive and Unfriendly.

Lyric is the one you’ll play as. She doesn’t have a last name, since her parents are pretty unknown. She was left in the orphanage when she was still a baby.
She is thought of as a cursed child as many and that attitude of people had turned her into a cold-hearted girl. She shows no interest in everything, and likes to keep herself alone. She has a sharp tongue and she won’t hesitate to say what is on her mind.
The story about her being a cursed child started spreading when people found that all the families who had adopted her had died in horrific accidents.
Now she lives in an orphanage but nothing much change; people still think of her as a cursed child and many tend to ignore her.


Likes:  Uninterested

Dislikes: Mostly everything



“I don’t need any help”

“Well, I suppose you can go freeze to death while you’re at it.”

  1. She’s sooo pretty! 😀

  2. She seems like my type of character

  3. She’s beautiful and I’m really relieved that it atleast seems like she isn’t like Chizuru in Hakouki [Weakling that needs protection all the time XD I’m not saying I dislike Chizuru but I don’t like her either] ^^

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