Kaguya-hime needs a BG artist T^T

We are currently in need of a Background Artist, aka Environment Artist. Our artist can’t afford enough time for Background as well as lacking of BG drawing skill.

What type or style of the Artist are you looking for?
We would prefer 2D type, since it matches our Character/CG artist style. But it’s still great if your style is something else, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

What do I get, please?
Our purpose is to create a game that everyone can enjoy without any restrictions, so we offered a non-profit project. I myself am just a normal college student, I can’t afford to pay you unfortunately. But if you are interested, we can do something within our capacity range, like some arts or so, for you.
Still, you’ll get credit in the game, obviously. Also if we collaborate well, we can have a long-term cooperation if you’d like.
In addition, we respect and value new ideas and innovation. You will be welcomed to participate freely on other kind of work like screenplay planning or GUI designing… etc.

How heavy is the workload? And does it have a deadline?
We expect to have around 10 Backgrounds in 3 different time of the day (morning – afternoon – evening), yet some backgrounds just need 1. We do have seasons in game. We don’t ask for a specific deadline, because we think it’s better to do not rush an artist, but we will inform you if it takes too long.
Also, as stated we do have a character/CG artist so if you feel like needing a hand please let us know, we’ll ask the other artist to help you!

You can either leave a message here or contact us through rinyoshikumi@gmail.com. We are very appreciate!
Feel free to ask me any questions!

Thank you for reading!
Best regards,


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  1. I hope the game was not abandonned cause it’s seems so great ^^ Keep up the good work !

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